CSCS Course with Green Card

CSCS Course with Green Card

3-DAY CSCS Course with Green Card

Course Overview:

Course Duration: 3 days
Delivery: Classroom

Cost: £180 (No VAT)

Location: North west and West Midlands Regions
Qualification: Level 1 GQA award in health and safety in the construction environment & CSCS Green Card
This qualification is ideal for those aiming to establish expertise in maintaining a secure and compliant working environment in construction. Whether you’re new to the industry or already employed, the 3-day CSCS Course with Green Card provides comprehensive coverage of health and safety practices, hazard identification, and more. Upon passing the 2-hour exam, you’ll qualify for a CSCS Green card, which is essential for various construction roles. The card is available for collection or postage within 5 days, ensuring a swift and convenient process for obtaining this crucial certification.
  • Construction Industry Overview:
    Understand the structure, key players, and various job roles within the construction industry.

  • Occupational Health and Safety Protocols:
    Mastery of essential safety practices within the construction environment.

  • Comprehensive Hazard Identification:
    Proficiency in identifying and mitigating workplace hazards.

  • Effective Risk Assessment:
    Skill development in conducting thorough risk assessments.

  • Hazard Recognition and Management:
    Strategies for recognising and managing diverse construction hazards.

  • Emergency Response and Accident Management:
    Preparedness and response techniques for construction accidents and emergencies.

  • Occupational Health Awareness:
    In-depth knowledge of health risks specific to construction work and prevention measures.

  • Safe Manual Handling Procedures:
    Expertise in safe manual handling techniques to prevent injuries.

Upon successful completion of this Course, participants will receive:

  • Enhanced Safety Competence:
    Acquire a thorough understanding of construction-related health and safety practices, significantly reducing workplace accidents and incidents.

  • Career Advancement:
    Gain a valuable qualification that opens doors to a wide range of job opportunities within the construction industry, increasing your employability and potential for career progression.

  • Increased Confidence:
    Develop the knowledge and skills needed to confidently navigate the challenges of a construction environment, leading to improved on-the-job performance.

  • CSCS Card Eligibility:
    Upon successful completion, you’ll be eligible for a CSCS card, a crucial requirement for many construction roles, streamlining your access to employment in the industry.


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