Workplace Mental Health Ambassador

Workplace Mental Health Ambassador

Mental health awareness
This course is tailored for line managers and anyone interested in promoting mental health awareness in the workplace

Course Duration: 

1 Day




£120 pp

Course Overview:

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Welcome to our Workplace Mental Health Ambassador Course, designed for both line managers and individuals looking to enhance their understanding of mental health in the workplace. This comprehensive online course equips you with essential knowledge and skills to recognise signs of mental ill-health, address stigma, create action plans for crisis situations, access professional support, navigate workplace mental health laws, and implement best practices. Become a certified mental health ambassador and foster a more supportive work environment while boosting your professional development. Scroll down for detailed course content.

Recognising Mental Health Signs: Learn to identify potential signs and symptoms of mental ill-health in colleagues or employees.


Breaking Stigma: Understand the stigma associated with mental health and discover strategies to combat it in the workplace.


Action Planning for Mental Health: Develop the skills to create and implement Mental Health Action Plans to assist individuals in crisis or need.


Accessing Professional Support: Gain knowledge on how to find and provide access to external professional help and guidance when required.


Workplace Mental Health Laws: Explore the legal aspects of mental health in the workplace, ensuring compliance and fairness.


Best Practices for Employee Support: Discover effective strategies for supporting individuals to stay at work or successfully return to work, fostering a more inclusive work environment.

Upon successful completion of the Workplace Mental Health Ambassador Course, participants will receive:


Enhanced Workplace Awareness: Develop a heightened awareness of mental health issues in the workplace, enabling you to proactively address and support the well-being of colleagues or employees.


Certified Mental Health Ambassador: Become a certified mental health ambassador, gaining a valuable qualification to demonstrate your commitment to mental health advocacy and support.


Improved Crisis Handling: Acquire the skills to confidently create and execute Mental Health Action Plans, effectively assisting those facing mental health crises or challenges.


Professional Growth: Elevate your professional development by mastering workplace mental health, making you a more valuable asset to your organisation and enhancing your career prospects.

Ready to make a positive impact on your workplace’s mental health and wellbeing? Enrol in our course today and become a catalyst for positive change. Together, let’s create healthier, more supportive work environments. Join us now!

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