Forklift Training Courses

Forklift Training Courses

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Forklift training FST Birmingham Warehouse

This forklift training course is suitable for individuals who would like to obtain both Counterbalance and Reach licences.

Essential forklift training course for beginners needing a FLT Licence. Learn to operate safely, inspect, and transport loads.

Essential forklift training course for beginners needing a FLT Licence. Learn safe, skilled vertical and horizontal load manoeuvres.

Expand forklift licence: Conversion forklift training course adds truck types. Requires prior training proof.

Refresh skills for counterbalance or reach with this forklift training course. Ideal for lapsed or pre-5-year-trained operators.

Accredited course for safe, efficient Pallet Truck operations and high-level stacking.


Renew your forklift Licence to practice with Refresher forklift training course. Available for Counterbalance and Reach.

Tailored 1-hour Confidence building forklift training session for licenced operators preparing for job interviews and assessments

We have invested in RTITB Accreditation

We partner with RTITB, the leading UK accrediting body for forklift and plant operator training, to deliver standardised, high-quality training in warehousing and logistics, promoting safety, compliance, and efficiency while ensuring thorough training records for our customers.

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