Workplace Mental Health and Wellbeing Ambassador

Workplace Mental Health and Wellbeing Ambassador

Mental Health and Wellbeing Ambassador

Course Overview:

Course Duration: 2 days

Delivery: Online

Cost: £150 (No VAT)

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Whether you’re a manager, staff wellbeing advocate, or simply seeking to boost your workplace mental health awareness, this programme empowers you. Explore vital topics like identifying mental health signs, addressing stigma, understanding disparities, and implementing Mental Health Plans. Gain insights into complex conditions, learn to promote wellbeing, and become a Mental Health Ambassador. Plus, discover self-care strategies to support your mental health and others’.

  • Recognising Mental Health Signals: Learn to identify signs and symptoms of mental ill-health and stress in the workplace.

  • Understanding Mental Health Stigma: Gain insights into the challenges posed by mental health stigma and explore strategies to combat it.

  • Addressing Health Disparities: Understand the impact of health inequalities on mental wellbeing and discover ways to address them in the workplace.

  • Utilising Mental Health Plans: Learn how to effectively use Mental Health Plans to provide crisis intervention and support to those in need.

  • Accessing External Professional Guidance: Explore avenues for seeking external professional help and guidance for individuals experiencing mental health challenges.

  • Legal Aspects of Workplace Mental Health: Navigate the legal considerations surrounding mental health in the workplace, ensuring compliance and fairness.

  • Best Practices for Employee Support: Implement best practices for helping employees either stay at work or successfully return to work after a mental health-related absence.

  • Understanding Complex Mental Health Conditions: Develop a deeper understanding of complex mental health conditions and how they impact individuals in the workplace.

  • Promoting Workplace Wellbeing: Discover strategies and initiatives to promote mental health and wellbeing in your workplace.

  • Becoming a Mental Health and Wellbeing Ambassador: Gain the skills and knowledge needed to become an effective ambassador for mental health and wellbeing within your organisation.

  • Self-Care and Prevention: Explore self-care techniques to safeguard your own mental wellbeing and support others in preventing mental health challenges.

Upon successful completion of the Course, participants will receive:

  • Enhanced Workplace Wellbeing: Gain the knowledge and skills to foster a mentally healthy work environment, benefiting both employees and the organisation as a whole.

  • Improved Employee Support: Equip yourself with the tools to recognise and address mental health challenges, allowing you to provide more effective support to your colleagues.

  • Personal Growth: Develop a deeper understanding of mental health, self-care, and resilience, enhancing your own mental wellbeing and personal growth.

  • Certification as a Mental Health Ambassador: Upon completion, receive a certification as a Mental Health and Wellbeing Ambassador, highlighting your commitment to mental health awareness and advocacy in the workplace.

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