First Aid Annual Refresher

First Aid Annual Refresher

Participants should have previously completed a basic first aid course or hold a valid first aid certification.

While this course provides valuable refresher training, individuals requiring full first aid certification or renewal should consider enroling in a comprehensive first aid course as appropriate for their needs

Course Overview:

Course Duration:

3 Hours, Face-to-Face

Cost: £80 pp

FAIB First Aid Industry Body

The First Aid Annual Refresher course is designed for individuals who have previously completed a basic first aid course and wish to update their skills and knowledge on an annual basis. This course is not intended to extend or renew existing first aid certifications; rather, it aims to provide participants with a refresher to boost their confidence in responding to various emergency situations. Over the course of 3 hours, participants will engage in hands-on learning experiences and discussions to reinforce their ability to respond effectively in common first aid scenarios.

Assess an Incident: Understand the importance of quickly and accurately assessing an emergency situation to ensure the safety of all individuals involved.

Manage an Unresponsive and Not Breathing Normally Casualty:
Learn how to assess and provide appropriate first aid to an unresponsive individual who is not breathing normally, including the application of CPR techniques.

Provide First Aid to an Unresponsive and Breathing Normally Casualty:
Demonstrate the proper steps to assess and assist an unresponsive individual who is breathing normally, ensuring their safety and comfort.

Manage a Casualty in Seizure:
Recognise the signs of a seizure and respond appropriately to minimise harm to the individual experiencing the seizure.

Recognise and Assist a Choking Casualty:
Identify the signs of choking and apply techniques to assist a choking victim, potentially saving their life.

Manage a Casualty with External Bleeding:
Learn how to assess and control external bleeding, including the application of appropriate first aid measures and the use of necessary materials.

Manage a Casualty in Shock:
Understand the signs and symptoms of shock and how to provide immediate first aid to stabilise a casualty in shock until professional medical assistance arrives.
Upon successful completion of the First Aid Annual Refresher Course, participants will receive:

Enhanced Confidence and Competence:
Completing this course boosts your confidence and competence in responding to various emergency situations. Regular refreshers ensure that you are well-prepared to provide immediate assistance when it matters most, increasing your ability to make a positive impact in critical moments.

Stay Up-to-Date with Current Practices:
This course keeps you informed about the latest first aid techniques and guidelines. You’ll stay up-to-date with the most effective and evidence-based practices in first aid, ensuring that your skills align with current standards in emergency response.

Improved Response Time and Decision-Making:
By participating in scenario-based exercises and hands-on training, you’ll develop the ability to respond quickly and make informed decisions during emergencies. This translates to more effective first aid interventions, potentially reducing the severity of injuries or even saving lives.

Lifelong Preparedness:
The knowledge and skills gained from this annual refresher are not only valuable for the immediate future but also contribute to lifelong preparedness. You’ll be better equipped to handle unexpected emergencies in your personal life, workplace, or community, making you a valuable asset in promoting safety and well-being.
Enrol in the First Aid Annual Refresher course today and ensure you’re always ready to respond confidently and effectively in emergency situations.

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