Conversion Forklift Training - Counterbalance & Reach

Conversion Forklift Training

Forklift training FST Birmingham Warehouse

Course Overview:

In-Centre Cost: £199 (No VAT)

Off-Site Cost: £169 (No VAT)

Course Duration: 1 day 

Delivery: Practical – Counterbalance & Reach

Our Conversion Forklift training Course is tailored for qualified forklift operators like you who wish to enhance their capabilities by adding a new Counterbalance forklift or Reach truck to their licence to practice. The programme is meticulously structured to ensure a smooth and efficient transition, providing you with the necessary theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience required to master the newly chosen forklift type.

  • Documentary Evidence Review: Candidates are required to present evidence of their current forklift licence and previous formal training to qualify for the conversion course.

  • Introduction to New Forklift Type: Familiarise yourself with the components, functions, and applications of the forklift type you’re transitioning to, including key operational differences.

  • Operational Variations: Understand the unique operational characteristics of the new forklift type, such as stability considerations, load handling capabilities, and Manoeuvring techniques.

  • Safety Refresher: Review safety protocols specific to the new forklift type, covering aspects like load balance, stability, and any unique safety considerations.

  • Specialised Manoeuvring Techniques: Learn Manoeuvres required for operating the new forklift type, including precise positioning, stacking, and navigating confined spaces.

  • Load Handling Mastery: Develop proficiency in lifting, stacking, and retrieving loads specific to the newly acquired forklift type.

  • Practical Forklift Training: Engage in hands-on training sessions where you’ll practice operating the new forklift type under the guidance of experienced instructors.

  • Assessments: Demonstrate your newly acquired forklift skills through practical assessments, ensuring your competence in the chosen specialised area.

Upon successful completion of the Forklift Conversion Course, participants will receive:

  • Enhanced Licence: Addition of the new forklift type to your existing licence, increasing your employability and versatility.

  • Multi-Skilled Proficiency: Master the operation of a range of forklifts, showcasing your versatility as a sought-after forklift operator.

  • Certification: Receive a validated certification indicating your proficiency in the newly acquired forklift type.

  • Career Advancement: Open doors to diverse job opportunities by gaining expertise in various forklift types, paving the way for potential career growth and new horizons.

We have invested in RTITB Accreditation

We partner with RTITB, the leading UK accrediting body for forklift and plant operator training, to deliver standardised, high-quality training in warehousing and logistics, promoting safety, compliance, and efficiency while ensuring thorough training records for our customers.


Forward Step Training Centre 77 -87 New Town Row, Birmingham, B6 4HG

Getting Here
Our training centre is conveniently located in the heart of Birmingham and is easily accessible whether you’re using public transport or driving.


On-Site Training
At Forward Step Training Centre, we are committed to providing high-quality training in our well-equipped facilities. Our location offers easy access for both public transportation users and those arriving by car, ensuring a hassle-free commute to your learning experience.


For detailed directions and any further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly staff at or 0121 270 9935

Accredited Forklift Training at Your Convenience

At Forward Step Training Centre, we are proud to be accredited to deliver our courses not only at our main location but also in suitable employer premises throughout the region. This means we can bring our high-quality training directly to your workplace, making it even more convenient for you and your team.

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