Safeguarding & Prevent Policy

FST Safeguarding Position Statement

At FST, we recognise our legal and moral duty to promote the wellbeing and development of all learners and to protect them for harm. For that reason, Safeguarding and Prevent measures are integral to many aspects of the safe and supportive learning experience we strive to create. FST are committed to embedding “best in class” Safeguarding and Prevent practice by creating and maintaining a safe and supportive environment for all. We acknowledge that “Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility” and that everyone must work together to support people to make positive choices about any risks they face, and to protect those who may lack capacity to make decisions alone. FST are committed to providing learners and employees with the knowledge and skills to keep themselves and others safe and to be supported through challenging times in their lives by promoting a culture of openness and vigilance. This policy will continue to be widely promoted and embedded throughout FST.

Purpose & Aim
The Safeguarding and Prevent Policy is for all FST employees, learners, contractors, volunteers, and visitors. It outlines our position on Safeguarding and Prevent and clarifies the action to be taken to ensure that we meet our duties in relation to protecting the safety and promoting the wellbeing of vulnerable people and groups; it signposts to related policies and additional guidance

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